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原谷 一夫

Kazuo Haraya
Born In 1971

Ichinomiya City, Aichi,Japan.

Let me tell you a little about myself.

My work is an expression of deep empathy for the vulnerable people who are hurt and discarded by the rapid development and rationalism of modern society. Many people live their lives numbing their hearts and silencing the voice that springs from deep within them in order to survive. They turn their soft, human hearts into hard, ruthless hearts.

Beauty, vulnerability, and empathy for others are often dismissed as useless, unworthy, and unprofitable in today's society. Yet these elements are the core of our humanity and what makes us truly rich.

My aim is to look at these values, which modern society is trying to discard, and to re-acknowledge and honor their existence. Through my work, I want to convey the importance of beauty, vulnerability, and empathy for others, which are often overlooked.





Publications, online postings, etc.

2023-12 Digital Publication

Dispel 19 Fall 2023 

Photography by Kazuo Haraya. Conception by Proche Design.

published by dispelzine

2023-09 Digital Publication

Cover 7B Summer 2023 

Photography by Kazuo Haraya. Conception by Proche Design.

published by dispelzine

2021-08 Publication

Aichi-Limited Edition Zine.  by Kazuo Haraya. Designed & Curated by Andrew Wurster.published by Photo Books Now. Ex Landscape Photo Books

2020-06 Web Publication

NEW LANDSCAPE PHOTOGRAPHY.  Curated by Willson Cummer.


Exhibitions, etc.

2023-08.29~09.03 Group Photo Exhibition
2010-03.03~03.14 Group Photo Exhibition
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